Frequently asked Questions ?

Frequently asked Questions ?

What is a machine game dongle ?  
( Applicable mainly  to Bellfruit & QPS )
The Dongle is a small plug in device that allows the machine to function and is used on Bellfruit and QPS machines. Other manufacturers machines don't use dongles.
Basically it plugs in like a USB stick and the cost depends on the age of the machine. Dongle prices can vary depending on the age of the machine. Newer machine dongles can cost £200 for 12 months and some models now over 3 years old have the option to buy an unlimited dongle at £150. When the dongle is used up the machine locks up and errors unless a new dongle is inserted. It is a  bit of a issue for home users but all Bellfruit and QPS machines have these fitted if the machine was built after 2013 so no avoiding it. Even on free-play machines still needs a dongle.
You may wish to contact our sales team for specific advice on a game dongle  - We can supply virtually all BFM/QPS dongles
Do i need any pound coins for my gaming machine to fill the hopper ?
Yes ideally £350 to fill your machine if its on £100 jackpot or £50 if its on £5 jackpot. You can of course fill with less if you wish
How do i open my fruit machine top door ?

Best way is to rest your elbow on the plastic below the hold buttons, what we call the front moulding. Locate the correct key for the top door lock. Ensure the latch bar (metal tab that sticks out a little / located near the key to unlock the top door) is ALL the way to the right before starting to use the key. Put ALL your weight on the front moulding and at the same time turn the barrel key (normally anticlockwise) and then slide the latch bar firmly to the left then top door will open, its just technique - DONT be scared of putting weight on the area under the hold buttons as this takes the pressure of the lock a little making it much easier to open. 

Do not force it / Do not panic -it might seem impossible but it WILL open -the more weight the better on the moulding ! 


Can i get my money out easily ?
Yes - follow our guide on how to "dump the hopper" and your coins can be easily retrieved although we do not advise opening and closing machines frequently.
Is my machine ok outside or in an unheated shed where its cold ?
No is the simple answer. They are NOT waterproof and they should be kept covered from moisture. Below 4-5 degrees and the cold may damage monitors, capacitors, solder spots or internal memory batteries.  
Will my machine take new polymer notes and will it take new £1 coin ? 
Yes and yes :)
 Can i adjust the volume or  % payout ? 
Yes of course - follow our guide and yes if you purchase a switchable % key 
Where is the hoper dump switch ?
Located at the bottom of the machine  - its  a small black plastic rocker switch (2 wires connected) near the plastic cashboxes or the left hand side somewhere (open space) 
Where is the refill lock ?

 Normally on the right of the payout tray but can differ between models - the key is a flat key numbered 87000





What happens if my machine develops a fault ?
We would attempt to repair over the phone with technical advice, we may try to send parts and assist via a video call to fit or for more local customers we may arrange an engineers visit. In the last resort we could collect repair & return or refund if the fault is serious.