A Day In The Life

Our day would normally consist of many different tasks and can be very unpredictable. A normal day would involve the planning of service jobs and machine changes. We may have a dozen service calls to attend at locations in any direction up to 100 miles from our head office. This can be a difficult job to plan so the route meets targets and is effective as well as observing access times and security issue.

We may have a number of customers wanting a machine change and this can require a 1 or 2 man team to run up and prep machines then deliver, install and test the new equipment as its changed over. We would, of course, have to deal with over 100 phone calls a day and many more text messages, emails, whattsapp calls and even the odd fax!!! We have an enormous amount of paperwork and administration to tidy up as well as daily accounts and processing of cash control.

Our workshop will also be busy and we may have many sales orders to run up, prepare and then pack for transit. This could be anything from standard fruit machine s to huge arcade games and these may need varying degrees of attention,.

We may need top pallet these or deliver them personally and this all takes planning and a good degree of experience and quality control to make it run smoothly. The workshop will also be responsible for prepping any machines that are needed for our own site operation.

We may also have spares to order and test, warehouse duties and racking and tidying, vehicle checks and maintenance. Normally we have a team operations and sales meeting each day to plan the week ahead and various other issues including software and hardware updates to our kit. 

We have many deliveries to deal with and customer visits as well as trips to the bank and post office. All in all this is just a small selection of what we handle each day  - We are extremely busy most days and each day is different. All in a day’s work