Rental and profit share explained

Rental – Simply as it states. We install the required machines and we set a weekly rental per machine based primarily on the age and cost of the kit. A fruit machine rental can range for example from £15 - £95 where the rental range for a pool table is smaller from £12 - £22 a week. It really all depends on what suits the venue and your budget. With the rental option, you are passed all the keys to self-empty and you must provide the machines float (if required) as well as completed your own paperwork and audits. We still maintain, service and exchange the machines as needed although some training can be given if you're confident enough to look at basic faults. You are in control with the keys but you will have to maintain the floats (if a cash pay-out machine) and we supply machines to fit the budget so there is less scope for us to experiment. Your machines will be of a similar age when changed as it has to suit the rental we receive

Profit Shares – We retain the keys and split the income on a % basis usually 50/50. We may take a small amount of front money on some machines to cover fixed fees like machine dongle or smart card charges or music update fees in the case of a jukebox. Mostly our gaming machines are based on a 50/50 split of income. This can be discussed depending on what you need. We provide all the machines floats and of course we maintain and service and change them as required. We also provide a full and regular machine empties. We will reconcile the cash and complete all the paperwork and also provide a fully transparent service. We top up floats and service machines as needed. Ideal if you don’t want the commitment of a rental Ok so you have opened a new venue and you’re Not Sure what’s best for you.

We can arrange a quick and simple visit to assist and discuss. Steve our business development manager will call to see you without any obligation whatsoever and no pressure sales!